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BIG NEWS: Minding My Creative Business Podcast! 

I'm stoked to announce the launch of "Minding My Creative Business" (MMCB) Podcast with me, ShySpeaks and my awesome co-host Ron "iRonic" Lee. We're diving into the business side of creativity, revealing strategies that turn arts into 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses.

Whether you're a musician, photographer, or any creative genius, we've got your back. Learn from global creatives who turned passion into profits.

Tune in weekly as we uncover the secrets behind successful creative entrepreneurs. Let's turn your passion into a thriving business together!

Listen Here | Watch Here 


BIG NEWS: ShySpeaks is going on the SoFar Texas Tour! 

Tickets to Tour Stops:

ShySpeaks Reflects On This Opportunity: 

"For starters, I'm a very proud SoFar Alumni. Yes, I've played larger events at colleges, festivals, and arenas, but there is nothing like a SoFar Sounds show! The idea of performing in front of an Intimate Concert crowd, who's heart & attention is solely set on enjoying live music & discovering emerging artists is PERFECT for my brand of message driven music & spoken word! 

Over the years, I've gained so many fans playing SoFar venues from Texas, to California, to Georgia and now, I'm back in my home state again! But this time, gets super excited, I'M GOING ON TOUR!!!!!

It's an honor to be asked by any event producer to join any event, let alone, a TOUR by the SoFar Sounds Team. Phew! I'm beyond pumped! I'm excited to reconnect with my existing audience in Dallas, Austin, & Houston as well as make some new connections while I'm on the road! 

See you all soon!

With Love,


BIG NEWS: Wake Up x ShySpeaks & Melodie Nicole is Out Now (Song/Video) 

London had a vision to reimage an old tune by the group Arrested Development. She tapped ShySpeaks to help lyrically turn it into a modern-day uplifting appeal for people to rise above the weightiness of all we've endured in recent past! Shy wrote & arrange the verses and also recruited Melodie Nicole to guest star as the vocalist on the track. @TheLondonXperience took on the roll of Executive Producer & Creative Director, spearheading everything from the beat, to the video set, to wardrobe, graphics, and so much more. The rest, is now HERstory!



NEWS: ShySpeaks Launches an Exclusive Community on Patreon!  

For years, Shy's earnestly desired 3 things! And now it comes to fruition all, all in one place. Check out her top 3 below: 

"1. To Connect deeply with my most advid supporters

2. To Help other indie artist & creative entrepreneurs with the business side of their art

3. To Create on a consistent basis, music, art, and content that empowers!

...being able to show the behind the scenes of how I operate my art base business is right up my alley!"


If you fit #1 or #2, find out about all the benefits you get when you...



BIG NEWS: King Remix Video is Out Now (Dedicated to #KobeBryant) 


On this day in 2020 I got to be a part of a historical moment when the Beyond The Ball tagged me in for their 100 Brilliant Boys of Color Photoshoot for the cover of Southern Dallas Magazine. They were gracious enough to allow me to shoot my video and speak life into these young boys and men. Little did we know how much we would all need this. Moments before we started shooting we’d all learned of what happened to Kobe and Gigi Bryant. Naturally it put a damper on all of our spirits but we pressed on and had a great time shooting this video. I would like to dedicate the KingRemix to Kobe Bryant and all the Kings In Our Community. Your work does not go unnoticed and you are appreciated. 

My kings this one is for you 

I Hear You 

I See You 

I Love You 

As you watch and listen, I hope it inspires and awakens the KING inside of you.  

Share this with all the boys and men in your lives.  

Head over to my YouTube channel to catch the full video and download/Stream the King Remix ft @dee1music exclusively on Audiomack on release day!