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VLOG: A Day-In-The-Life Meets Gear Review (@Comica_Audio) 

There is a question on the table, "Is the Comica BoomX-D D2 Wireless Mic the best for vlogging"? Travel with me throughout my day as I put the mic to the test in 3 different atmospheres: Windy Outdoors, Small Gathering, and Multi-person Interview! In other words, come with me for a day as I take a Morning Jog, attend a friends Baby Shower, and host a "special interview". By the end of the day, we'll have the answer to the question on the table. Recommendation: - Comica BoomX-D D2 Wireless Mic -


VLOG 001: Peek Behind a 90,000+ Attended Event w/ @ShySpeaks (#Together2018) 

Ever wish you could just hang out backstage with an artist at a heavily attended gathering/conference/concert to see exactly what they're seeing and experiencing? 

In this episode, follow along as I breathe in the reality of being a performer at the Texas Motor Speedway alongside some of the most influential faith-based artist & speakers of our time, like Andy Mineo, Jonathan Traylor, KB, Samuel Rodriguez, Tedashii, Grant Skeldon...who all make a cameo appearance). I got to share an original Spoken Word poem entitled, 'Whatever it Takes' to evoke individual action and intentional cultural influence.I felt honored, challenged, and rewarded all at the same time.  The Together 2018 event was held in Dallas and garnered over 13K people viewing online and nearly 100K in attendance. 

Also as a bonus, I've included...the full length version of My Poetic Performance


Watch the full TBN - Special of 'Together Gathering'

Together Gathering Website

VLOG x #LSTS: A Convo on God's Direction w/ Grant Skeldon & Kandis Davis Reese   

There's always what He Said & She Said but what about what #GodSaid? Especially with regard to the Person/Position/Place that we align ourselves with. Watch -or- Listen as Kandis (former producer for Daystar Television Network) & Grant (Founder of the Initiative Network) speaks from their experience about leaving/entering relationships, cities, states, and career positions following God's direction. 

Tweet: When God tells me to do something, I've made it a habit to listen, because I have done the opposite + repercussions r no fun! -@kandiswrites

VLOG x #LSTS: A Convo on Women in Hip Hop w/ Lady Jade & J.Rhodes  

If you know anything about Hip Hop, you know that women have contributed a lot to the genre/culture.  However, in many ways, their presence is still taboo! WHY?  Well, ShySpeaks hosted a convo with Lady Jade (Radio Personality on DFW's leading Hip Hop/R&B Station) and J. Rhodes (Producer for Hip Hop acts, Lecrae, Game, Talib Kweli, Royce Da 5'9, Ab-Soul, to name a few) to answer that question.  The discussion spans from us witnessing an over emphasis on the #SexSymbolRapper to the lack of female affiliates among today's leading male artist.   

Dear #HipHop, there are several women's stories yet to be told in Hip Hop. Let's not accidentally silence the next powerful, inspirational voice before she arises!

Tweet: If you were to name your top 10 #CHH artist, could you find at least 5 females that they rock with, affiliate with, or endorse? - @ShySpeaks


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VLOG x #LSTS: A Convo on Cosigns with J.Bolin & Frank Cage  

When it comes to ART, it seems like every artist needs/wants a cosign in their industry! There's this unspoken rule that when a seemingly large group of people speak well of a creative's work -OR- a person of prominence says a work of art is good, it then becomes viable to the masses. But shouldn't the masses be able to decide for themselves, while taking what other's say as confirmation & not validation? This question called for a conversation, in my opinion. So, I sat down with J. Bolin and Frank Cage, a Celebrity Stylist who represents the Fashion Arts world and a Graphic Artist/Branding Consultant who represents the Digital Arts world, and we had a good Convo about Cosigns. There are tons of gems from every creative in this convo! Watch/Listen Below as J.Bolin, Frank Cage, and I, delve into our personal lives to answer that question & more!  

Creatives! Honestly, it doesn't matter what #TheySaid.  What matter's is that YOU stay the course on the path called your purpose! 

Tweet This: "It’s not good because they said. They said because it was good!" - @ShySpeaks

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Press: Watch ShySpeaks on Good Morning Texas #GMT 

The Rebroadcast is here! So if you are a ShySpeaks supporter but missed her LIVE on Good Morning Texas,,.because you were at work or because you're a Non-Texas resident, you can watch the performance PLUS check out her interview with Mike as they discuss everything from How to Write a Love Poem for your Valentine to her inspiration for poetry! 

Also, please share the video with your networks with this link: 


#InvitedEPAnniversay: Blog & GiveAway Info 

One year ago this week, I extended an official invitation to everybody, with my project, the "Invited" EP! We hosted an official release concert on 6/01/15 and made the music available on 6/03/15!  There's no greater feeling, than getting what's in you....out! And that's exacty what I felt and still do feel about this product offering.  The concepts, songs, ideas, melodies, metaphors, business plans, collaborations and emotions that I wanted to display were officially written, recorded, rehearsed and executed.  So I'm celebrating ALL WEEK with special announcements about new videos, giveaways, merch, and more.

First of all, the release concert was a Live Stream Online Concert via  Who does that as an upcoming independent artist, they said? Ha! Me...and all of my #Addicts who tuned in from the comforts of their laptop, phones, tablets, etc all over the world! It was a huge success.  I was able to capture some live footage from the event courtesty of Shaw Solutions, led by Matthew Shaw who happens to be my good friend!  Which leades me to Special Announcement #1 - New Video Release! ​Check out the Live Performance Video of Invited below! Second of all...

...we aso released new merchandise along with the new music.  The unisex, V-Neck SPEAK Tee!  To date we've sold about 100 of these shirts! So if you have one, you are officially rocking custom gear! Well that leads me to Special Announcement #2 - New Merch Available!  
.That's right, the SPEAK logo has a new TANK edition that is available for PreOrder and coupled with a Giveaway! When you pre-order your tank between now & July 3, 2015, you will automatically become eligible to WIN a pair of Chuck Taylor's in a drawing happening on July 12. The winners will be notified via email and announced online immediately after the drawing.  Purchasing multiple TANKS gives you more chances to win.  Although there will be one drawing per color style, Contestants can only win once! Excited about rocking the new gear & possibly winning some new shoes....head over to the STORE now! Meanwhile, I'm going to finish writing this blog, lol! 

Back to the release concert! There was an In-Room VIP audience of about 125 people who were either press/media personalities, family, close friends, artist, or industry personnel (shoutout to TenthChild, Inc. for sending out THOSE invitations)! These individuals had the court-side seat advantage, but the online viewers made the night special! They had a blast talking in the chat room and having tipping wars! Tipping wars! Now that is what you call #support!

That night marked a new milestone in my life, business, career, and faith! Please pardon me while I kick a few shot outs to a few notable people who commemorated the evening with me. Thank you to Adrion Butler, Christen O'Neal, Ethan & Audrey Kent, Meosha Jones, Colette Presley, Jaurdane Ivory, Mattie Michelle, Faith Anderson, Deborah Jones,  Serena Watkins, Tracie Hamilton-Jones, Joycelyn Brackens, Christopher Marshall, Jared "J.Paul" Foster, Eshon Burgundy, Sean C. Johnson, Semaj Langston, Matthew Shaw, Jovon Burrell, Kardal Coleman, Jontue Turner, and of course, my grandmother, Goldie Shaw (who made a cameo appearance in the Heaven Video lol)! Well, I had to stop before I just flat out named EVERYONE who was in the room. :-)

But that leads me to Special Message # 3 - Behind the Scenes Video Footage of myself & the band backstage immediately after the show as well as reviews from super producer Asaph Ward and musician extrodinaire, Thad Tribbet & Family. 

Anyway, beyond that night, I carried my message and music with me to over 50 shows, in several states, several schools, won two awards, was the cover girl of a magazine, sold over 1000 CDs/Digital Sales, recieved tons of positive feedback from my peers and even record lables, I mounted the platform with everyone from the Mayor of Dallas, Nicole Binion, Dr. Tony Evans, Scarface, and Lecrae of Reach Records, with no major label, contract, deals, or budgets. Just me, God, a message, a mission and a ton of advid supporters!  
Happy 1-Year #InvitedEPAnniversary!

VLOG: Burden Behind the Bars-Women in Hip Hop/Ministry 

Before you snag your FREE DOWNLOAD of Shy's 16 bar verse to producer Steve T's A-1 beat, take an Inside Look at the recording process and ShySpeaks discuss taboo topics -Women in ministry and/or Hip Hop. 

Free Download Here --

Before you snag your FREE DOWNLOAD of Shy's 16 bar verse to producer Steve T's A-1 beat, take an Inside Look at the recording process and ShySpeaks discuss taboo topics Women in ministry and or Hip Hop. 
Free Download Here --