AWARDS: Homegrown Honors 2014 - Top 5 Reasons why Dallas' HHA's Matters + my 2 Noms

The Homegrown Honors is an award ceremony hosted annually by Dallas' KHVN Radio Station. The awards exist to honor those leaders, be it, musicians, artist, or trailblazers who contribute to Dallas' Christian Arts scene. This year, I'm a Top 5 Nominee for TWO categories, Rap & Spoken Word. I've been nominated in one or both categories for the past 3 years.  I'm completely honored by that! But this year, I am all the more humbled because I have been extended an invitation to be a performer at this years Homegrown Honors Award Ceremony at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters on 7/19/2014 (see events section for details later). For now, let's look at my Top 5 Reason why Dallas' Homegrown Honors Matter...

1. The HHA's are for the people by the people. 
Most award shows are ticketed and voting is mysterious. In this case, the artists are nominated by votes from the community and thus the ceremony is a community event, open to the public free of charge! Often times those who should win are never even nominated. But that's another blog. Side Note: 1x for India Arie & Kendrick Lamar who've both been snubbed by the Grammy's. 

2. The HHA's honor God as the ultimate Gift-Giver. 
People are God's "workmanship", his artistic masterpiece if you will. How marvelous are you when your art creates art?! 
By acknowledging people for the gifts they possess and thanking them for offering that talent back to their community is really praise to God.  

3. The HHA's reminds us to appreciate those who we co-labor with and receive from on a regular basis. 

4. The HHA's are a WIN for Independent Artist. 
Let's face it, the major labels OWN the mainstream. Indie Artist often work hard, to consistently fill what would be an artistic void locally, in venues, churches, and community events if these leaders did not give of themselves.

5. The HHA's can foster creative collaboration among artist who may not have known of each other otherwise. 
The Homegrown Honors raises the awareness of artist about other artist outside of their niche. Dallas is a BIG city and even if you have a broad reach, not everyone knows everyone. When the Top 5 Nominees for each category is announced every year, I've seen it on more than one occasion, the nominees are being introduced to one another for the first time, resulting in new fellowship that would have never emerged. Also, as an artist/musician/leader, when you see the Top 5 Nominees in another category, it gives you a name reference of other individuals you can collaborate with for future songs or events. 

I'd like to say congrats to ALL of the nominees! A special shout out to some of my friends who are nominated in the categories you see below: Phea Kennedy (Poet), Mark Ayers (Musician), Eva Mcculler (Singer), Adrion Butler (Rap), and Dana Hemphill who also has 2 Noms!!! 


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